How IT Works

1. Select Specialization

The initial part is identifying the kind of designer which you require. The choice can be HTML-intensive, Layout Intensive, Flash intensive or any of the combinations of these. You can easily choose a profile for yourself otherwise, you can also contact us and we will surely help you to understand that which profile will be more suitable for you.

2. Select Billing Model

After selecting the profile of the designer, the nest part is to choose the billing model.

As per the need of the works which needs to be completed, choose the billing model which suits your requirements. Our company is currently offering on Hourly, Part-time, and full-time basis.

3. Complete Payments

As per the billing model, we recommend and expect that you make the payment in advance. As per the receipt of the payment, we select a designer and send the designer’s profile for review so that you can know better about him.

In case a person feels to change the designer, in such a case, we allocate a new designer.

4. Commence Work

After the above steps, now you can start sending your work to the allocated designer directly.

We also provide a project manager who will help you to work with the allocated designer in a better way and he will also keep you updated with the progress.

Our Clients