15 Ways to Give Your Design More Human Touch

15-ways-to-give your-design-more human-touch

What is the best way to make any design feel real? Whether you are designing web pages or painting something on the canvas, if there is human connection to it, it will feel real. If your design is able to ape the reality of the world, it will feel more human. There are some projects which require the designs that are human-centric. This is the reason why designers are looking for ways to make the designs feel more human. Here are some ways.

  • Create realistic setups
    create-realisticTo make the design more human, it is important to create the environment which is identifiable. Including things in the design that really exist will make it more human.
  • How does the touch feel: It is important to know how it really feels when the design is touched? For instance, for web designers it is important to know how the website feels at the time of interaction.
  • Visuals speak better: Instead of writing the things in texts, it is better to speak using the visuals and pictures. The pictures grab attention instantly and they have more human appeal.
  • Engage the senses: The more senses you can engage, the more realistic it will feel. For example, pictures touch the visual senses but videos could be more effective as they engage hearing as well as visual senses.
  • Unexpected: Sometimes doing something which is totally unexpected can fetch you more human results than doing regular things. So, think about something and do something out of the league.
  • Use palettes generouslycolor-&-textureTo give more human touch to the design, it is best to use as many colours as you can. More colours and textures will grab more attention of the users.
  • Socialize it

    It is not about social media integration. It is do with something that depicts society. People identify themselves with their society and hence it will feel more human.

  • Add options for users: People like to have control over things. Giving options to navigate and interact with your design will certainly add more human touch to it.
  • Do not cram: It is important to leave a lot of white space in your design. The sites that are crammed feel less human. More space will make the users easy to find things.
  • Create a focal point: Think about something that the users will look at the first. Bring the attention to the focal point and let them be guided to the rest of the design from thereon.
  • Know the people: People are different and they will perceive your design differently. However, you cannot create a design that specific to all. Therefore, focus on the things that will attract larger number of people.
  • Keep it modern

    People are exposed to the modern things and hence the design must keep up with the trend.

  • Familiarity:The design should feature familiar gestures. For instance, most people are right-handed and hence design should keep that in mind.
  • User friendly:The design should allow ease of use to the users.
  • Emotions:To make the design more human, it is important to include emotions in it. People identify with emotions.

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